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Observe by Cyso

The Ultimate Observability Platform

Welcome to the comprehensive documentation for Observe by Cyso, the forefront observability platform engineered to simplify and enhance the management and analysis of your digital ecosystem. We leverage the power of open-source software to provide centralized storage for logs, metrics, and will soon support tracing.

Our intuitive platform provides clear, insightful and actionable observability into your system. You can easily measure system performance, identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and predict trends that inform strategic business decisions.

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Documentation Overview

The documentation is divided into different sections, aimed at enabling you to understand and harness the power of Observe effectively. Here’s what you can find in each section:

  1. Getting Started: New to Observe by Cyso? Start here! This section introduces the platform, discusses its key features, and guides you through the process of setting up and getting started.

    1. Use Cases: Getting Started also highlights how Observe by Cyso can be used in different situations and industries.
  2. Metrics: Observe by Cyso offers in-depth metrics to help you analyze your performance. In this section, you'll learn how to ingest these metrics.

  3. Logs: Logs play a critical role in troubleshooting and performance management. This chapter will guide you on how ingest, access and analyze the logs, helping you maximize your platform utilization and troubleshoot any issues.

  4. FAQ: Got questions? We've got answers! Browse through this commonly asked questions section to learn more about Observe by Cyso, from account setup and pricing to features, tech support, and more.

Observe by Cyso is designed to be an essential part of your technological toolkit, equipping you with precise insights into your system's behavior. This documentation is here to empower you to use this platform to its fullest. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to contact our support team.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the journey of powerful observability with Observe by Cyso!